Kite Surfing Lessons and Beginners

Kite surfing is easy but without kite surfing lessons beginners may give up before they learn how. A good instructor will have you in the wind and waves much faster than trying to learn by yourself. Trying to learn on your own is difficult and without learning control and use of the safety equipment is not recommended.

Kite Surfing Training Equipment

To get a quick start the beginner will start with a trainer kite to familiarize with all the kite fundamentals. A bit smaller in size training kites do make the process of learning much easier. An instructor will teach you how to handle and how to control the kite long before your first surfing lesson. Good kite training will have you comfortable with the controls and your skills lone before you hit the surf.

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Making Use of the Wind Window

The beginner must learn how to make use of the wind window. Understanding the wind window and wind direction is required for proper control of the surfing kite. The wind window will be explained by your instructor in detail first. Use of the wind window must be mastered before you get on the water but once mastered kite surfing will be much easier.

You will learn to steer which takes practice on the bar with left and right movements and pulling. Next you will learn the power stroke because this is one of the first steps to get up on the board. When you have mastered all the controls and then you are ready for your first lesson. The better your understanding you have of the controls, power stroke and wind window the easier it will be to control your kite.

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Kite Surfing Safety

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The kite surfing instructor will also spend some time teaching you how to properly use the safety equipment.

How to disconnect from the kite in an emergency and the emergency cut away.

Do not be afraid to spend some extra time on learning the safety equipment to be safe.

You will need to devote some time and effort to learn how to kite surf safely and it is not uncommon to spend 8 to 12 hours before your first kite surfing lessons.

So take your time to master all of these steps first to be having fun faster and ahead of the other beginners that are getting discouraged because they did not do their homework first.