Modern kiting today has something for everyone. Kiting today is real sport, art, show, battle and also competition. All in categories of really big kites, small kites, multi-line kites, very maneuverable kites, indoor kites, and kites that propel a person at high speeds.

The old fashion single line kites homemade with some balsa sticks, paper and some string are still numerous and plentiful. They are still available to buy in a variety of designs and are very popular.

The modern kites we have today are more like true works of art. Even the materials are high tech with carbon fiber rods and rip-stop nylon that is impregnated with resin and is the choice canvas used. You can find many kite-building craftsmen and enthusiasts that are more artists than just craftsmen.

A person may just find that the modern multi-line kites with the ability for very intricate aerial performances may just be the sport you are looking for.

There are as many different kiting options as there are sports. Some prefer head to head competition that's hot fast moving exciting, you may want to look into fighter kites. Fighter kites have been with us for thousands of years. They are single line kites and the good fighter pilots can fly very precision maneuvers like the sport kite pilots. What’s different is instead of just flying maneuvers they are battling fellow kitefliers in topgun dogfights. There is a point system used for scoring. Points are gained by touching your opponents kite lines.

Like the personal sport you can do by yourself? You may a candidate for traction kiting. Traction kiting fits a number of categories; kite bugging, kite surfing and what they call kite ATB which means (all terrain board). Kites of this type are used to propel a person over land, mountains and the sea. The great part is this type of kiting works for extreme sports or the leisurely ride with traction kiting.

Even the very strong weight-lifter folks are not left out. Size matters even with show kites, they can fill the sky with large kites that come in many shapes. They are a wonderful addition for any festive occasion because they can be seen for miles.

Do you fall into the class of a collector? Then your cup of tea may just be miniature kites. Miniature kits made with simple bamboo but the really small kites are constructed with Mylar and boron.

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