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Curious George Flies a Kite Book & CD

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George's adventures with bunnies, fishing poles, and a powerful kite are told in a simplified text suitable for first-graders to read themselves.


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Kite Books Curious George Flies a Kite Book & CD George's adventures with bunnies, fishing poles, and a powerful kite are told in a simplified text suitable for first-graders to read themselves. $10.99

9 Responses to “Curious George Flies a Kite Book & CD (Read Along Book & CD)”

  • Anonymous says:


    No, your kids won’t learn how to save the world from this book but it will make them laugh and they’ll enjoy reading it. I think the lesson here is more that despite getting into trouble for being a silly little monkey, George can always count on the unconditional love of the Man in the Big Yellow Hat.

  • Pam Tee says:


    Unlike many other Curious George books, this one is meant for kids to read for themselves. The Accelerated Reading designation is given as 2.7 which means the text is suitable for children reading at an advanced Second Grade level. [2.7 translates as a book that some average and mythical child should be able to read when in the 7th month of 2nd Grade. It can be enjoyed by people of any age, of course.]

    My own observations about this book as a primer, is that it is sort of long, and at nearly 80 pages, although there isn’t a ton of text on each page, I doubt most youngsters will be able to get through it in one sitting. But on the plus side, at our house we found it engaging and funny and it kept my son motivated to keep plugging away until it was done.

    Conclusion ::: Although written as a primer for fairly advanced youngsters – at the almost 3rd Grade level – the actual plot may be too babyish for more precocious children. It was perfect though for my son who is now 6. He was laughing and chuckling throughout the book and was very motivated to keep going.

    Pam T~

  • Zachary Hackett says:


    George the Monkey lives in the house of the man with the yellow hat. Monkey’s are curious, George is very curious, so they call him Curious George. One day the man with the yellow hat had to go out. He told Curious George to stay in and play with the ball. Of course, George found a reason to go out and have a little adventure. He played with a baby bunny, almost got in trouble when he lost him, but he came up scheme to get him back. He saw a fat man go fishing, tried it too and fell in the lake. He helped a boy get a kite out of a tree, then tried to fly the kite himself. The wind came up and all of a sudden Curious George was carried aloft, holding onto the kite string for dear life. Fortunately the yellow hat man came home, got a helicopter and was able to save Curious George so that he could live happily ever after with his new baby bunny pet.

    The lesson here is, of course, “Curiosity Killed the Cat,” or in this case almost killed the monkey. You can also make a case for your toddler that if George had minded the Yellow Hat Man, he wouldn’t have gotten himself in such trouble. This book is just a bit old for my almost three-year-old son, but he loves it nevertheless. Devon knows his letters already, knows they make words and he knows what words are. This, among many other books for early readers, will have him literate before Kindergarten. What a fun way to teach a child to read.

  • Shanna A. Gonzalez says:


    This is another of the Reys’ wonderful Curious George series. In this story, George goes from one adventure to another — losing and finding a baby bunny, learning how to fish, and naughtily flying a kite until he flies high above the town, only to be rescued by the Man with the Yellow Hat. George has delighted children for generations, and this makes for an enjoyable read. Unlike the later knock-off George series, this story is characterized by the Reys’ carefully crafted writing and wonderful classic illustrations. It is appropriate for beginning readers.

  • tsunyday says:


    i read this to 4 and 5 yr.old boys and they both loved it! anything that can keep these two still for more than 3 minutes has to be either real good or real bad-in this case it was GOOD!

  • Ryan says:


    I liked this book because it reminds me of me when I was a kid. I was very curious and I got in lots of trouble and my parents still loved me like the man in the yellow hat always loved George.

  • TNreader says:


    Curious George story uses 218 different words on 80 well illustrated, colorful pages. Only three words in the whole book contain more than two syllables.

  • Ivana Chekhov says:


    Want a super present for an older child (like 30) who has fond memories of her childhood books? Get one of these Curious George books. Hours of fun reminisence and even a few tears.

  • Anonymous says:


    There is a very curious monkey called Curious George. He lives with a man with a yellow hat. One day the man with the yellow hat has to so some stuff, so he tells George to be a good monkey while he isn’t there. So George stays alone and plays with his ball. he looks out of the window and sees a realy small house. He finds out its a bunny house so he plays with one and he puts it back. Then from behind the wall he sees a large pole with a string. he folowed the fisher and saw him fish.then he made his own fishing pole but never caught a fish. Then he falls in the lake and Bill passes by. Then George gets out and Bill shows him his kite fly. George then holds it while Bill gets his bike so George lifts up the kite and lifts him up. Luckly then man with a yellow hat got home,got a helicopter and saved George and Bill gave him a baby bunny.