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The Penguin Book of Kites (Penguin Original)

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The Penguin Book of Kites (Penguin Original) 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 266 user reviews
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2 Responses to “The Penguin Book of Kites (Penguin Original)”

  • Anonymous says:


    Pelham’s Book of Kites is the most essential reference for any person who is interested in the history, construction and flying of kites. It shows a large variety of designs and ideas for kites of all sorts. The actual construction techniques are sometimes left up to the reader to figure out but there is enough information to work from. Well worth the search for a copy. There is no way I let go of mine!!!!

  • Charles Hall says:


    This is a wonderful book on the history of kites, with photos and stories you won’t find in any other place. Modern kites are surveyed in color photos and plans. He also includes detailed diagrams of some great kite reels and other kite equipment. No, it’s not a How-To book with any step-by-step insctructions. But if I were stuck on a desert island with one kite book, this would be it. It’s a slim, large format paperback, with much more content than you’d think by looking at the outside.