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Rokkaku Kite Competition

Here you see a short video describing the Rokkaku Kite competition where the main object is to be longest in the sky. The name Rokkaku is Japanese and means the kite has 6 corners. The kites are 4 to 7 feet in diameter giving a nice foot print in the sky for some interesting art work.

The Rokkaku competitions are more like a demolition derby in the sky and sometimes called The Rakkaku Challenge. The first video is a Rakkaku kite fighting battle it out on Capitol Mall during the Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival. Video two is a Rokkaku Challenge between three Rokkaku competitors. In video three is an example of a Rokkaku Challenge with a nice big group of challengers.

Controls = One click to play one click to stop and double click for full screen.

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