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8 Responses to “Premier Kites Mikey Monkey Kite”

  • P. Repage says:


    2 gentle gusts and he was up, up, and away. My 3.5 year old calls him Curious George (her favorite monkey) and was chasing, running, jumping, trying to catch the kite. Finally a toy that I can enjoy with my daughter that doesn’t require constant attention!

    He WILL fly on gentle breezes, but he can’t change the laws of physics, as one reviewer seems to have claimed. There must be a steady breeze of ~5 mph to keep him aloft. Still, this is not a toy which requires ANY stunt-flying skills at all. Just put the string clip on, insert the “T” rib, and let her rip!

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for parents w/ small children at the park.

    TAKE CAUTION that your little ones don’t get their feet tangled in the twine – I leave the spool on ground and use my hands to keep the string taut.

  • M. Kerby says:


    We got 2 of these kites before a trip to the ocean. I’ve got a 3 and 7 yr old. The wife and I haven’t flown kites since we were kids so we wanted easy, we wanted fast setup and we wanted them to work. The good news? They do….The bad news? NONE. They’re awesome kites, went up and stayed up. My 3 yr old launched them with ease, my seven yr old could do it by herself, me and mom smiled and life was good. They pack back up with ease and when packed take up very little room. We got the 500′ extra spools with them. This might be the best toy product I’ve ever purchased.

  • Joseph Spernyak says:


    After buying a couple of spur of the moment kites, including a “stunt” kite, that never got up for more than a minute, I nabbed this from Amazon after searching for “easiest kite to fly”. Tried it out on the beach in SC, and sure enough it went up with no effort (no running). Sent it up 100 yards in no time, no doubt could have gone way higher.

    I’d recommend also buying a spool of string with a fishing type leader at the end. Maybe it was the leader that made it easy, but this kite was a piece of cake to fly.

  • PressureContent says:


    What a great kite. Bought it for my 5 year old daughter and it went up on the first try. The wind was relatively calm, but up it went. Also bought the 500 ft stake line winder and it used every bit of it. Assemble the one cross rod, clip on the line and away you go. Seems like very durable nylon construction. I expect to be using this kite for years (I mean my daughter does!!!).

  • David C. Meyers says:


    Nice kite for a reasonable price. My 4 and 2 year old love the design. I did not find it particularly “easy up”. I rate it as average for ease of use.

  • A. Wiersch says:


    Like others say, this kite flies! I had previously purchased another kite that was shaped like an airplane. It looked good and even had a propeller that would turn but it wouldn’t fly. It would just go side to side and then crash. This kite flies itself and seems durably built. This kite makes me feel sorry for those who have trouble with theirs while mine just keeps flying! My 3 year old loves it.

    I would recommend something like the “Stake Line Winder, 50# x 500 ft.” to go with it rather than the string that comes with it.

  • Pravin Thakur says:


    Mikey Monkey is an excellent kite for kids. Easy flyer is an understatement! This lively kite will take off with a gentle breeze and will not stop rising till it runs out of string.

  • Moose says:


    My son and I took it for our first test flight this weekend, a big success. I’m no kite expert, but the kite seems to be well made and flies really well. Also a good value, I would recommend to anyone!