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One Response to “Beetle Dual Line Stunt Kite”

  • T. Hunt says:


    Frustrated with a particularly windy Spring in Montana, I decided I needed a reason to enjoy it or I would lose my mind. Cursing the gusts defiantly, I purchased my Beetle, got some assembly and line attachment pointers from a local kite shop, drove to a park, and had an absolute blast.

    I had some concerns about my ability to operate the kite, but was pleasantly surprised that it only took a few failed nose-dive launches before I was comfortably airborn and manipulatig patterns. The learning curve is exceptionally leniant once you’re off the ground which made my introduction to stunt-flying a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

    Specifically, assemblage is not a complicated process. The kite stored in a slender bag about 4-5 inches wide and maybe 3-4 feet long. Once the Beetle is unfolded, a few plastic rib insertions pop the craft tight making it ready for use in moments. Just attach the strings and you’re off.

    I think the most notable attribute of this kite is its durability. I’ve been using mine for five years and just now finally broke it during a day with winds far exceeding its listed specifications. The crash was violent, but even so, it only popped off a plastic connector on the edge of the left wing which appears to be easily repaired.

    I highly recommend the Beetle to anyone interested in the hobby. It’s an elegant compliment to its genre and one of my more prized, spur-of-the-moment acquisitions. I am a fan.

    – t –

    16 July, 2010