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Over the last few years developments of multi-line kites have given way to the sport of kite flying. The sport has spawned the competition between kite fliers. The performances are judged in a similar fashion as the ballet and figure skating. Performances have compulsory figures as in figure skating and artistic interpretation of music like the ballet.

Competitions are performed by individuals, sometimes pairs of pilots and also in teams. The most exciting competitions that create the most spectacular performances are the team kite flying. You can see as many as eight pilots stacking kites with tails inches apart and a deep breath away from a disaster. The team will perform all kinds of spectacular formations in the air.

International and national competitions are held under “STACK” (Sport Team Competitive Kiting). The annual World Championship was held in 2008 in Berck Sur Mer, France.

Sport Kite contests are held in the United States via the American Kitefliers Association an organization that oversees sport kite contests. A number of regions hold competitions and the winners get invited the the annual AKA Convention for national championships.

In the United States, the American Kitefliers Association is the umbrella organization for sport kite contests. Competition winners from the various regions are invited to the annual AKA convention for national championships.

Back in 1996 two organizations STACK and AJSKA (American Kitfliers Association and the Japanese Sport Kite Association) met to form what we have today. The IRBC (The International Rule Book Committee) standardized the rules and processes for competition kite flying.

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