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PostHeaderIcon How to Select Your First Sport Kite

Select Your First Sport Kite

While surfing the Internet for your first sport kite you will be amazed at the variety of kites. Many shapes and sizes and different types, so what do you look for to make the best kite selection.

Materials that are used to make some you will find to be more durable than others. The cheapest are paper sails but they are very fragile. The stronger and water-resistant types are made of rip-stop nylon or rip-stop polyester. You will find that carbon fiber tubes and fiberglass rods outlast the wood type many times over.

The light-weight kites are the types that fly the best. The cheapest or most affordable kites you will find made of wood and plastic. Sail is made of plastic or paper in very light-weight material you will find are not as durable as the nylon and fiberglass types.

Size matters! Shape matters! The larger kites fly much better than the smaller ones. Remember the larger the kite is going to pull against the wind a lot harder, so stronger control lines will be needed. The shape determines also how well it flies. No matter what the shape birds, fish, people or any kind of geometric pattern the finished kite will have to be balanced.

All kites are different in some way and will require a specific wind range in which it will fly the best. The very light kites prefer the very light winds. Flying in very strong winds requires stronger construction materials and control lines.

For a beginner or the novice start out with a simple kite like a nylon delta kite, the eddy kite and sled kites you will find the easiest to set up and fly.

For the novice adding a tail adds two things a very dramatic flair and stability to the flight characteristics.

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